Amara Sanctuary Resort Sentosa; a Single, Luxury Place for Every Occasion

Amara Sanctuary Resort Sentosa; a Single, Luxury Place for Every Occasion

Amara Sanctuary Resort Sentosa has been known for its professional service for years. Loyal guests find it amazing to enjoy outstanding services constantly. Whether it is for the room services, available facilities, luxury amenities, and the cuisines that pamper the taste of everyone. You can check out what you will get if you decide to host a business meeting, have a wedding party, or even travel alone.

Amara Sanctuary Resort Sentosa: Your Main Option for Vacation

Without a doubt, nobody will find this hotel in the category of cheap hotels in Singapore. It means everyone who decides to stay here knows exactly the real contentment that they will get.  Guests will get their perfect business trips here, thanks to the excellent venues that accommodate hundreds of guests with high technology equipment.  

For hundreds of attendees, the Grand Ballroom is the best choice. With the contemporary setting with no pillar available, this huge meeting area is perfect for world-class meetings and events. But, for the smaller, yet still very amazingly designed meeting rooms, Ficus Room and Palm Boardroom are the real deal.

Amara Sanctuary Resort Sentosa also hosts rooms for seminars, lectures, and other small meetings that focus on training. This room is usually the best choice for corporate or hotel-school training which needs different learning ambiances for the maximum result.

Above all else, the Glass Pavilion is here to please everyone with the beautiful garden landscape view during important meetings or seminars. As the name implies, the meeting pavilion has a glass wall that allows the bright sun to bring such a great ambiance to the room. Participants can also view the perfect sceneries of the hotel’s lush garden.

The Love Celebration

Imagine having a perfect wedding ceremony at the luxurious Grand Ballroom Wedding here where the wedding couple and guests will indulge in such a grandeur wedding celebration. There is no obstruction for any wedding party, thanks to the tropical atmosphere that allows wedding couples to have their wedding moment at any time throughout the year.

Every wedding will have such a great memory, thanks to the professional staff that organizes everything with very careful details, from the lights, banquet feast, background music and, of course, the buffet menus, and even the drive-in car parking. A private entrance is also available through the lavish foyer.

Wedding packages vary, so clients can choose the best ones that suit their needs and budgets. Every wedding package offers one night stay to the fully customized Deluxe Room for all wedding couples to celebrate their endless love.

Most wedding couples prefer to choose the Glass Pavilion which turns out to be the ‘Glass Chapel’ that offers an iconic chapel bell and the waterfall for the photo session background. The room itself hosts chic chairs, the masterpiece of the famous designer Philippe Starck.

Everything is special at Amara Sanctuary Resort Sentosa. It accommodates everything that guests demand, whether it is a flawless wedding party or ceremony, business meeting, and even a single traveling.  The hotel is also very near to many important places within walking distances that guests can access easily.