Restaurants near W Singapore, one of the Marvelous Hotels in Sentosa Island

Restaurants near W Singapore, one of the Marvelous Hotels in Sentosa Island

Various places provide halal food not far from hotels in Sentosa Island, such as W Singapore – Sentosa Cove. You can find a variety of delicious culinary delights, such as Western cuisine and Thai cuisine, for halal food seekers. Here are the reviews.

Good Old Days

Good Old Days is a halal and affordable food court for families. The location is in the Sentosa Island area. One of the places to eat is not far from the hotels in Sentosa IslandThe location of this place to eat is outside Beach Station.

You can enjoy a variety of delicious dishes at this place, even children’s food is also available. Dishes served at this place such as chicken rice, satay, biryani rice, and laksa.

Oasis Spice Cafe

Oasis Spice Cafe is a place to eat that you can visit when you want to enjoy Middle Eastern dishes. This eatery is within the Universal Studios Singapore area, which belongs to the Sentosa area.

This restaurant carries the Egyptian concept and is more comfortable with the presence of air conditioning. There is a large seating area for large groups as well as people simply getting away from the hot sun. The favorite menu in this restaurant is the butter chicken biryani rice, which has a slightly spicy aroma.

Friar’s Good Food

This place is famous for serving fish & chips as well as various vegetarian options, alfresco, and indoor seating. Friar’s is famous for its generous servings of French fries.

Besides serving fish & chips, there are also chicken & chips, ice cream, and milkshakes. The price of the food that Friar’s offers are relatively cheaper than other halal places to eat in the Universal Studios Singapore area.

Krispy Kreme

Krispy Kreme opened its first outlet in 2013 in Singapore, offering the iconic glazed donut dish. Krispy Kreme outlet, finally in the Resort World Sentosa area, the taste of this donut is special, different from other donuts.

Variants of donuts that you can taste, such as mini dark chocolate raspberry ring, mini original glazed. Other flavors are mini white chocolate coconut praline and mini mocha crisp.

Malaysian Food Streets

Malaysian Food Streets has several halal food stalls, which are not too far from the hotels in Sentosa Island. Dishes that you can enjoy such as Malay, Middle Eastern, and Indian dishes. That are so delicious for families.

One dish that you can try is Nasi Lemak, you can find at Kampung Nasi Lemak. This breakfast dish is quite popular in Singapore, it is served with fried eggs, not boiled eggs. Kampung Nasi Lemak offers a variety of nasi lemak, such as variants of rendang, fried chicken, or fish.

Several places serve halal food near the hotels in Sentosa Island, for example, you can find it on Malaysian Food Streets. Based on these reviews, halal culinary near Sentosa Island is very diverse. It will be cheaper if you take some benefits from SingapoRediscovers Vouchers too.